tone fitness.

Tone Fitness is a toning and conditioning workout taught in a group where you're encouraged to go at your own pace. Classes are 30 minutes in length and structured around 3 main components, cardio, core, and legs. A yoga or exercise mat is required.

Similar platforms: Bootcamp, Pilates


The instructor will model each pose or move and talk you through effective form. You will hold or repeat that move for 30 seconds, going at your own pace. You do not need to be on the same rhythm as the instructor, they are there as a guide. Unedited music is played in the background to add to the atmosphere of class but is not intended to be part of the workout.


The instructor will first introduce you to a daily mantra that you are encouraged to think about during your workout.

Class begins with 6 stretching poses held for 30 seconds each. An alarm will sound when it is time to change poses.


The body of the class is broken into three segments; standing moves, squatting moves, and floor work. Each segment is comprised of 10 calisthenics moves performed for 30 seconds each with a 10 second rest in between each move. Segments immediately flow into the next. 

Class slows down with another set of 6 stretching poses held for 30 seconds each and ends with the traditional yoga pose, savasana. 

During savasana, the instructor will reintroduce you to the mantra and lead you in a guided meditation to achieve physical and emotional calmness as well as mental clarity.

  • Yoga or exercise mat is required, we do not have extra.

  • Check in opens 15 minutes prior to class start.

  • Class begins promptly at the time listed.

  • Unless otherwise stated, classes are held in dark rooms with LED lighting.

  • The room temperature is kept cool. If needed, please bring a jacket to wear while waiting for class to begin. (You WILL get hot and sweaty during the workout so we don't suggest warm workout clothing)