dance fitness.

Dance Fitness is an aerobic cardio workout taught in follow-the-leader format. Classes are 60 minutes in length and comprised of 15-17 routines. Routines are typically 3-5 minutes long and paired with popular unedited music.

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Routines combine aerobics such as jumping, running in place, and squatting with choreography inspired by current artist's music videos.


Routines vary in levels of intensity and difficulty. Low intensity routines are slower, repetitive, and easy to follow while higher difficulty routines can use fast choreography or introduce calisthenics like burpees and planks.

Harder routines are typically broken down and taught before class start. The instructor uses verbal and nonverbal cues for the rest of class

ALL moves can be modified, just ask the instructor if they have a modified suggestion!

Class begins with a "warm up" or low intensity routine helping you get used to the rhythm. The next routine picks up difficulty usually in the form of choreography. Then the third routine brings in high intensity fitness.


The remainder of class alternates between high intensity and low intensity routines keeping your heart rate at its optimum calorie burning level. Class slows with a "cool down" routine very similar to the warm up and ends with a 3 minute stretch.  

  • Check in opens 15 minutes prior to class start.

  • Class begins promptly at the time listed.

  • Unless otherwise stated, classes are held in dark rooms with LED lighting.

  • The room temperature is kept cool. If needed, please bring a jacket to wear while waiting for class to begin. (You WILL get hot and sweaty during the workout so we don't suggest warm workout clothing)