Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Work The Floor doesn't have a physical location but most classes are held at the Bettendorf Community Center located at 2204, Grant St., Bettendorf, IA. We also hold classes at local bars and parks around the Quad Cities. Exact locations can be found on our schedule page.

How much is a class?

All group classes utilize the class pass system. One class pass is $5.00 and bulk discounts are applied when you purchase six or more passes. Online classes are $2.99 per video and can be streamed for up to 24 hours OR $12.99 per month to have unlimited streaming access to all videos in library.

Is childcare provided?

Work The Floor does not provide childcare. Dance classes are intended for adults. Loud, unedited music will be played and language may be found to be indelicate. If you decide to bring your child they must have the utmost respect for our paying guests. (i.e. no taking pictures, talking on cell phones, running around, turning lights on and off, coming in and out of the room repeatedly or anything that can be found to be disruptive or distracting to the class) If your child decides to partake in the class, even if only for a few songs, you must sign a waiver as their legal guardian and they must register an account and purchase a class pass.

Do my class passes work for video rentals?

No. At this point in time group fitness classes and video streaming are on two seperate platforms. We are working on a solution to combine passes.

Do I need experience?

Not at all! Work The Floor is for all fitness levels and was designed around making exercise fun! All classes are cued and more difficult routines are broken down prior to class. If you're still worried, we suggest you start with Tone Fitness which is a go-at-your-own-pace class. Once you get the hang of it, you can work your way up to a more physically demanding class like Body Fitness or choreo-heavy class like Dance Fitness. Our free YouTube videos are another great way to practice.

How do I check how many class passes I have left?

At any time you can look up your active passes by going to If you have ever attended a Work The Floor class or purchased a pass, you will already have an account registered to your email. However, if you have never logged in, you must choose "Create Account" in order to create a login password associated with your email. Once you login you can view active passes, class schedules, past attendence, and more!

Do you take credit cards?

Work The Floor accepts cash, debit and all major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks. We apologize for the inconvenience. All video rentals use PayPal as a service provider. In order to rent or subscribe, you must have a PayPal account. We are currently working on a way to eliminate this third party step.

Do I need equipment?

For Dance Fitness, no equipment is required. We suggest a comfortable cross trainer shoe with a smooth sole. If your shoes grip the floor too much it could lead to knee pain and cause damage. Check out our blog post on the best shoes for class. For Body and Tone Fitness you will need a yoga or excercise mat for floor work. We do not have extra so please be sure to bring one! Other than comfortable shoes and a yoga mat to protect your spine and knees, Work The Floor classes are all focused on using your own body weight for strength training.

Can I get a refund?

You may receive a full refund on any unused class pass. Please email us at to request a refund. If you have used at least one class pass, you are no longer eligible for a refund. Your remaining passes will stay assigned to your account. Class passes cannot be transferred or shared with another guest.

Can my friend use one of my passes?

No, we're sorry. All class passes are tied to specific guests and cannot be shared, transferred or gifted. If you'd like to gift classes, please contact us directly. We can apply directly to an account or issue a gift certificate.

How do I cancel my video subscription?

Cancel your video subscription at any time, hassle free. On the videos. page, make sure to login at the top. Then select the 3 dots in the upper left hand corner and choose "unsubscribe." Please note that your subsciption access will cease immediately upon cancellation.

How do I rent a video?

In order to rent a video, decide which video you'd like to rent under the videos. tab. (Each video should show a 20 second preview and the playlist is listed in the description) Hover over the thumbnail and choose the $ icon. This will take you to a screen to login and pay via PayPal. (Currently PayPal is the only way to process a video transaction, we are working on a way to eliminate this third party application)

How do I subscribe for All Access?

In order to have unlimited streaming access to all videos in the library, select the 3 dots in the upper left hand corner of the videos. tab and select "Subscribe $12.99/month". This will take you to a screen to login and pay via PayPal. (Currently PayPal is the only way to process a video transaction, we are working on a way to eliminate this third party application)

Do you sell water?

Work The Floor no longer sells water bottles. Most class locations have a water fountain or vending machine with water bottles for purchase.

Which class is best for a beginner?

All classes are great for beginners as the intensity of the workout can be modified to your physical needs and it all really comes down to style preference. With that being said, we believe Tone Fitness is a great place to start if you are just getting into exercising because this class doesn't follow a "routine" structure. Instead of pre-choreographed routines, the instructor will call out one calisthenic or aerobic move and the goal is to do as many as your body can handle within 30 seconds. That might be one squat or 50 squats, that's up to you. You set the intensity. However, if your main goal is to find a fun way to get fit, we suggest you start with Dance Fitness. While you'll still work up an intense sweat, the class is less physically demanding than Tone or Body Fitness. The choreography can take some getting used to but if you're just looking for a little more mobility and fun, this is a great place to start!

Why doesn't my login work?

Currently purchasing class passes and reserving class spots is on a seperate platform than video rentals and subscriptions. In other words, these are TWO seperate usernames and passwords. To login to PunchPass (our class pass system) you must "Create a new account" if you haven't yet done so. When creating an account or logging in, you must use the email you've previously provided to Work The Floor. (if you have purchased a pass or attended a class before, you would have been asked to provide an email. If you have never purchased a pass or attended a class, you will be creating an account from scratch and can use any email desired) If you cannot find your class history or active passes after you've created your account and logged in, chances are you used a different email than the one we have on file for you and inadvertently created a brand new account. Please email us at so we can get your account updated with the correct email. To login to your video subscription, you will go to the videos. tab, click the 3 dots at the top of the page and choose login. This is the email and password you created when you initially subscribed to the channel. Please note this may be different than your PunchPass login. As mentioned these are currently two seperate systems but we are working on a way to create a single sign on. Thank you for your patience.

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