Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Group classes are held at Jai Johnson's Karate Center. 3112 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, IL 61265

Is childcare provided?

Work The Floor does not provide childcare. Dance classes are intended for adults. Loud, unedited music will be played and language may be found to be indelicate. If you decide to bring your child they must have the utmost respect for our paying guests. (i.e. no taking pictures, talking on cell phones, running around, turning lights on and off, coming in and out of the room repeatedly or anything that can be found to be disruptive or distracting to the class) If your child decides to partake in the class, even if only for a few songs, you must sign a waiver as their legal guardian and they must register an account and purchase a class pass.

Do my class passes work for video rentals?

No. You will need to purchase a pass that has video access. Unlimited class passes provide unlimited access to both group and online classes.

How do I check how many class passes I have left?

At any time you can look up your active passes by going to

Do I need equipment?

For Dance Fitness, no equipment is required. We suggest a comfortable cross trainer shoe with a smooth sole. If your shoes grip the floor too much it could lead to knee pain and cause damage. Check out our blog post on the best shoes for class. For Body and Tone Fitness you will need a yoga or excercise mat for floor work. We do not have extra so please be sure to bring one! Other than comfortable shoes and a yoga mat to protect your spine and knees, Work The Floor classes are all focused on using your own body weight for strength training.

Can I get a refund?

You may receive a full refund on any unused class pass. Please email us at to request a refund. If you have used at least one class pass, you are no longer eligible for a refund. Your remaining passes will stay assigned to your account. Class passes cannot be transferred or shared with another guest.

Can my friend use one of my passes?

No, we're sorry. All class passes are tied to specific guests and cannot be shared, transferred or gifted. If you'd like to gift classes, please contact us directly. We can apply directly to an account or issue a gift certificate.

How do I rent a video?

In order to view the content library, you will need to purchase a class pass with video access. Please refer to "passes." in the main menu.

Why doesn't my login work?

To login to PunchPass (our class pass system) you must "Create a new account" if you haven't yet done so. When creating an account or logging in, you must use the email you've previously provided to Work The Floor. (if you have purchased a pass or attended a class before, you would have been asked to provide an email. If you have never purchased a pass or attended a class, you will be creating an account from scratch and can use any email desired) If you cannot find your class history or active passes after you've created your account and logged in, chances are you used a different email than the one we have on file for you and inadvertently created a brand new account. Please email us at so we can get your account updated with the correct email.